Since its introduction in 2003, Perpetuem has been put to the test in the most grueling events imaginable and come out on top. From the Deca Ironman to summiting Mount Everest to swimming the English Channel and everything in between, Perpetuem has proven to be the supreme ultra fuel, delivering:

- Consistent, long-lasting energy

- Maximum fat utilization

- Reduced muscle fatigue

Available as both a powder and solids, this high-quality fuel is light years ahead of other so-called "endurance fuels," most of which are loaded with added simple sugars, citric acid, and excess sodium. Perpetuem's ultra effective formula includes:

Complex carbohydrates - Perpetuem contains maltodextrin, a complex carbohydrate that provides fast, reliable energy without the crash of simple sugars. The 8:1 ratio of carbs to protein is optimal for long-distance fueling.

Soy protein - Soy, the ideal protein for use during extended exercise, does not readily produce ammonia - a primary factor in premature fatigue.


Lyso-lecithin fatty acids - The small percentage of healthy, soy-derived fat in Perpetuem helps cue your body to release its fatty acid stores for use as energy.

Sodium tribasic phosphate - This compound neutralizes the effects of excess lactic acid and helps increase endurance by balancing acid/alkaline levels in the blood and by improving the availability of oxygen to working muscles.

No matter how far or how difficult the endurance challenge, you can rely on Perpetuem to take you the distance ... guaranteed!

Protein: A performance essential for prolonged exercise

If you don't give your body the protein it needs during prolonged exercise it will take it from you.

Beginning approximately 90-120 minutes into a long workout, 5-15% of the calories burned by your body come from protein.

This process, called gluconeogenesis, is unavoidable; if you don't supply the needed protein from your fuel, your body will literally scavenge it from your own muscle tissue. This protein cannibalization results in many undesired consequences including:

- Muscle fatigue and depletion

- Post-exercise soreness due to excess ammonia buildup

- Weakened immune system

For exercise that goes beyond two or three hours, consuming protein alongside complex carbohydrates is essential. Perpetuem and Perpetuem Solids use soy protein to meet an optimal 8:1 carbs to protein ratio. Soy protein is ideal for prolonged exercise as it doesn't readily produce ammonia and has an excellent amino acid profile.