Guidelines for submitting Hammer Nutrition Sponsorship Application

While we would love to sponsor the thousands of interested applicants, our annual sponsorship budget will only allow a handpicked portion of elite Sponsored Athletes (SPA).

As a SPA you will receive the following:

- Significant Discounts on all Fuels and Supplements

- Product and Clothing allotments based on your eligibility

- The opportunity to be featured in Hammer Nutrition’s Endurance News Magazine both in ads and in Athlete Highlights

- You will be added to our Private Hammer Nutrition SPA Facebook Group

- You will be featured on all of our social media forums

- And much more...!!

Before submitting your Sponsorship Application, please be aware that you will be required to abide by the following for the term of your sponsorship:

- Online Presence:

We ask that you maintain a great social media presence to help spread the word about Hammer Nutrition through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Your own blog sites, and many other online forums that discuss nutrition and training.

- Athlete updates:

Tell us what you’ve been up to! Action shot from each race you compete in (1MB+, Copyright-FREE) Product testimonials about your favorite Hammer Products Race reports

- Athlete Referrals:

Tell everyone about Hammer. Promote our products

- To other Athletes

- To Local Shops in your area

You will receive 25% purchasing credit as a thank you for referring new consumer direct clients

Essential Knowledge: Be in the know

All SPA are required to know about the basic Hammer Nutrition Products Endurolytes, Hammer Gel, Heed, Perpetuem, and Recoverite

If you can teach someone how to use our products without assistance, you have the basic essential knowledge we are looking for! You should also have basic knowledge of these two Hammer Books: 5 Secrets of Success & How to Hammer (Product Usage Manual)

Brand Representation:

When to wear:

We strongly encourage you to train in Hammer apparel

We require you to race in Hammer apparel OR at least have our logo prominently displayed on your clothing, helmet, equipment, etc.

Be a RESPONSIBLE and POSITIVE representative of your chosen sport:

Being a top finisher is important and certainly something we hope you achieve, however, you are an "in the field" representative, and the image you portray is a direct reflection of us as well.

Individual Sponsorship Terms/Conditions:

We offer NO monetary (Cash) sponsorships:

If you are seeking monetary support, DO NOT submit a sponsorship application. If sponsorship is granted, it will be for varying levels of product and clothing discounts and/or allotments.

Conflicting Sponsorship:

We require that you do not have a concurrent sponsorship with any other supplement or fueling company while being sponsored by us. If within your sponsorship we see that you are sponsored by another fuel and supplement company, your sponsorship will be revoked.

Order History:

We prefer that you have an order history with us, buying directly from Hammer Nutrition or from one of our dealers. If you haven't used Hammer Nutrition products before, DO NOT submit a sponsorship request. If you purchase Hammer products from one of our dealers and not directly from Hammer you will need to call in and have an account set up, this way you will have a client number.

All activity will be reviewed throughout the year. If you are not complying with our guidelines your sponsorship will be immediately revoked.

We only accept sponsorship requests via email and will not accept forms via postal mail or phone. If you meet all of the above criteria, please apply for sponsorship with your motivation to

Once you have sent your request, you will receive a reply confirming that we have received your request. Our Hammer Nutrition Sponsorship Coordinator will respond with your acceptance or denial within 60 days after confirmation.